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Fitness - Day 1 ~ Our Breath

We begin with breath. Just as we first connected when we were brought into this glorious world, we took a deep breath in, engaging us in our present life. Breath is essential to living, and how we breathe determines how full, healthy and balanced our life remains. Deep full breath alkalizes our bodies assisting in the release of toxins. Both your inhale and exhale will be through your nostrils. This is very important as it keeps a careful balance of carbon dioxide in our respiratory system, among many other benefits.
This simple daily practice will encourage you to take care of your life giving breath. Taking less than 10 minutes, but providing vital life force to fill you with vital energy.

Sit comfortably in easy pose (cross legged) on a pillow to open hip flexors, or upright in a straight back chair. Ensure that your spine is straight, shoulders back, and chest open. Keeping your chin parallel to the floor, when our head tilts backward we tend to let our mind wander, and if the chin drops toward the floor, we tend to become sleepy. A deep breath goes all the way down to the bottom of you, to your root chakra. Distending your abdomen - filling up with life force. On your exhale you release slowly and evenly as you pull your belly button in toward your spine.

Begin by breathing slow, deep and even through your nose. Start by paying attention to the slight movement your body is making as you breathe in and out. Take 10 deep, slow breaths, feeling your body gently move.

Next, change your awareness to the feel and temperature of the air as it exits and enters your nostrils. Notice how the air is cool as you inhale, and warm as you exhale. Take 10 deep, slow breaths.

Move your attention now to the subtle sound your breath makes as you draw it in, and send it outward. Do not increase the sound, but tune into the gentle noise your breath is creating. Breathe deep 10 times.

Sit afterward for a few moments and feel the connection you have made between your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the expansion created within.

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  1. Hey there cleansers!
    Hope you had a great 1st day! How many of you connected and honoured yourself today by breathing deep?
    Take 10 minutes - right now! Find a quiet spot and breathe ~ Namaste, Amanda