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Life Coaching - Day 3 - Cleansing Your Voice

You have a sacred and powerful gift. It is your voice. Your truth. Your expression of you.

In our complex social environments it is oh so easy to find yourself drifting from the truth, expressing thoughts and making comments not because they are true for you, but because you think it's what people want to hear. Or, you may be acting unconsciously, from personality, so expressing old patterns and hurts, not current truth.

Why not cleanse your entire system, from your heart and mind, through your mouth, and into the world around you, of words that are not true. Words that aren't in alignment with who you really are. Words that come from places other than truth, love and compassion.

It's quite easy. It means being conscious, and present with yourself. Knowing what you think and feel, then opening your mouth. Once you start to cleanse your voice, you'll start to make room for your true wisdom and greatness.


  1. Thanks Amanda , for speakin the truth. It seems so easy for us to disconnect from the reality around us becouse we feel we need to protect ourselves or those we love, when realistically were doing more damage by not speaking the truth!