Good Poop!

Day 6 Cleanse

Hello Happy Cleansers!!
I have had a couple of great questions regarding bowel movments , so I thought I would share this with everyone.

A Body Detox Gives You Regular Bowel Movements
The smell, weight and color of your stool provides a great deal of information about how your body is doing, health wise. Many people use the bathroom and then flush their stool quickly without a second thought. If anything, you are probably aware of how often you go, but have no idea what your poop looks like.
How a Body Detox Can Help
The next time you have a bowel movement, take a moment to observe your stool. The ideal stool should be medium brown (the color of a paper bag) and buoyant. It should also appear smooth and taper off at the ends. By observing your stool, you will start to notice that when you eat fried foods or junk food, your stool is dark brown, bulky and sinks like a rock to the bottom of the toilet. However, when you eat healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables, your stool will be medium brown in color and float at the time. The smell of a healthy stool is less pungent and is easier to expel from the body. A stool produced from fried foods will have a foul odor and will require more pressure in order to release it from the body. Too much straining in the anal area can lead to hemorrhoids. A body detox will regulate your bowel movements and soften your stools. The easiest way to detox your body is to incorporate fruit and vegetables in to your daily diet.

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