Day 10! Makarasana - stretch out and relax!

Makarasana is the one of the best asanas for relaxation on both a physical and mental level. It also slows down the breathing process and the heart rate.

Lie flat on the carpet with the chin, chest and abdomen touching the ground.
Stretch out the legs together at full length.
Keep the arms on their respective sides.
Spread the legs comfortably apart and rest them on the floor.
Heels must point towards each other and the edges of the feet must touch the floor.
The feet should be at right angles to the legs and the toes pointing outward.
Raise your trunk and head.
Bring one hand beneath the opposite shoulder and grasp it lightly and place the other hand on the opposite shoulder and grasp it lightly. Do this in such a way that a 'double triangle is formed with the folded elbows resting exactly above one another and the forearms crossing the opposite upper arms.
Rest your forehead on this 'double triangle' and dip your face in the space in between.
Close your eyes and relax.
Do abdominal breathing and maintain this position as long as comfortable.
Lie on your back and resume.

Makarasana induces a complete relaxation of the body and mind.
It relaxes the muscles and relieves the fatigue after a strenuous asana.
The asana relieves and helps correct many breathing troubles and disorders in the genito-urinary system.
It helps to reduce high blood pressure.
Makarasana stimulates the small intestines which, in helps the digestive processes.
It prevents scoliosis and flatulence


"Look within!... The secret is inside you."


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