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It's Day 1 - Life Coaching

Congratulations.  By joining this cleanse, you have made a powerful decision that supports your holistic health, and the highest fulfillment of yourself and your dreams.  Know that at this very moment, you are doing everything you can to support your own health and happiness!

It’s Day 1, and the most important thing is making sure you give yourself all the tools and space you need to ensure a successful cleanse.  Most people need to make a little space in their lives for the cleanse.  You'’ll be cooking a bit differently, you'’ll be feeling a bit different, and you'’ll want lots of time and space for healing and getting in touch with yourself.

Are there some things you could resolve to set aside for the duration of the cleanse?  Perhaps a worry you'’ve had?  A commitment it would be better to excuse yourself from?  Do you need to temporarily create some space for yourself socially?  Is your physical environment ready to support you enjoying the cleanse and making the very most of it?

Today is your day to make space for YOU as you support yourself in this wonderful process.  Happy Cleansing!

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