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Life Coaching - Day 7 - Cleansing Your Mind

Congratulations, you've made it through the first week of the cleanse! You have cleared away a lot of the things that have been getting in the way...In your body, in your house, and in your life.

Soon, we'll be taking this deeper, but let's turn our attention to one more area of our whole self, our mind. There are toxic words and phrases...What if we do our best to stay away from some of these? It'll help you during the cleanse, and, if you can make it a habit, you can completely change your life by changing your internal dialogue.

In general, toxic words and phrases can be recognized by the way they limit, obscure and/or bring your energy down.

Here are some common toxic phrases and suggested alternatives!

I should...I would love to, I have great reasons to, I choose to, I choose not to
I have to...I would like to, I would not like to
I can't...I can

What toxic phrases do you use with yourself, and what more empowering words can you replace them with?

Happy Cleansing!

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