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Cleaning out the kitchen!

Day 1 –Cleanse To prepare for the detox, remove all of these substances from your house so that you won't have access to them during the detox. These include things like coffee, chocolate & alcohol. The 5 toxic whites: Dairy, flour, sugar, processed salt, white rice. If these substances are not in your house, you'll be less likely to reach for them during the will likely experienced cravings while you detox. This is not only because you're undergoing the detox itself, which can be stressful (and which may make you crave foods as a means to cope), but it also means that at least for that short term, you're giving up certain foods and substances. Of course, for the long term, to maintain your best health you'll also want to give up unhealthy substances long-term, such as cigarettes or excessive alcohol or caffeine.When you experience these cravings, you'll likely also experience withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, moodiness or other mood changes, stomach aches and other digestive difficulties that come as a result of your body cleansing these substances out of your system. It should help you to know that although the symptoms are uncomfortable, they are also short term and will dissipate over time ( usually by day 3). When it's over, you'll feel and look better and will have given yourself a gift of good health!

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